InDica by Neil Blake

I am currently on a lot of prescription drugs for my MS. One of the drugs that I use to fall asleep is called Lorazepam (SubLingual). You see, I LOVE falling asleep on it because I only need to put it under my tongue, and in less than 20 minutes, I will be totally asleep for the evening no matter what was racing around my mind.

You see, I’m on a cocktail of prescription meds because of my MS and it can be very difficult to fall asleep when I start thinking about my life today. I’m not too happy about it to be perfectly honest. So, instead of just laying in bed at night, I sometimes use Lorazepam to fall asleep, but I really don’t like having to do that. And I was getting ready for bed when I remembered that I had bought some indica. to try instead.

Now it may not sound like a big deal, but while using Cannabis all day, everyday to help with my pain, I’m usually using a strain that is Sativa. I use Sativa during the day to help me stay awake. Last night was a very different story! Last might I rolled myself up a joint of a strain that was a very heavy Indica and smoked that just before bed, and it worked!

No pharmaceuticals were used to get me to sleep last night, and I am soooo happy because of it! I think I’m going to start doing that a lot more often!

Epstein-Barr <-> MS by Neil Blake

I use Flipboard to read the news these days, as google reader doesn’t exist anymore. Today I found an article that I was surprised to finally see published that talks about a recent study which has linked the EB virus to 7 other diseases, including MS. 

I got MONO when I was in OAC (grade 13, uni prep in Ontario, where I grew up) and after i was diagnosed with MS in 2013, I kind of got the idea that the EB virus and MS were somehow linked.  

Now, they are talking about how the Epstein-Barr virus is linked to 7 chronic illnesses including MS.