Montreal by Neil Blake

Before I moved to Vancouver, I was living in Ottawa where I had moved to be closer to a woman who would eventually, one day, become my ex-wife.

When Crystal and I first started seeing each other, she was living and working in Ottawa and I was finishing up school at Laurentian University in Sudbury. On weekends, she would come back to Sudbury. Once a month, I would drive to Ottawa and on long weekends, she and I would go to Montreal to hit the amazing clubs!

Now that I am back in Sudbury, I am once again close enough to consider partying in Montréal (680 kms vs 3,890 km).

 If you’ve never been to Montreal, it would definitely be a worthwhile trip if you want to experience that old French heritage feeling. I love Montreal! I highly recommend it.

Teedot by Neil Blake


Back in my younger days, when I used to “rave”,  I’d try to get to “teedot” as often as I could afford. “Teedot” is what all of us candy kids would call the City of Toronto because that’s where all the best parties, I mean raves, were, and even if there wasn’t a party that weekend my girlfriend at the time was going to school at Seneca College and lived there, so I had plenty of reasons to go.

Today, I still have reasons to visit Toronto, but I live in Vancouver, so when my 40th Birthday party at home with all of my good friends from school and my family, I jumped on it.

So, almost 20 years later I’m on an Ontario Northland bus on my way to Teedot to catch up with the same woman whom I haven’ spoken to in an easy 15 years... I can’t even remember speaking to her since I moved to Vancouver.

That being said though, it’s 2018 and social networking is everywhere so I do still know a little bit about what she’s been up to.