Productive day by Neil Blake

One thing I’ve noticed about myself since being back in Sudbury is how unproductive I am. Because there isn’t really all that much to produce now that I am on disability other than taking care of myself and how much I generally feel unproductive. Or maybe it’s the feeling of accomplishment that I am missing. Even though I’ve learned to measure my productivity in new ways, I do still have a busy day like today was from time to time which totally brings those memories come rushing back.

It’s days like this that I miss so much.

Polypharmacy by Neil Blake

    I was doing some of my daily reading yesterday morning in Flipboard when I came upon an article with a title of the exact same question i’d Been asking myself, “Are MS Patients Using Too Many Medications?“. In the very first sentence it also introduces a new to me word, “Polypharmacy”,  that I’d never heard before but could totally and instantly relate to for the exact reason that Is also mentioned in the title, my MS. I haven’t quite finished reading it yet, as I wanted to write this and get it posted as soon as I could to hopefully start building a bit more of an audience, but am definitely going back to finish reading it.

Snowing Again! by Neil Blake

I love watching the snow fall when I comes down heavy like it has been all year this winter in Sudbury. We’v already had over 304cm of snow this year, which has meant a ton of snow this winter and it’s snowing again this morning. Now, I mentioned how I loved to watch it fall, but that’s a lot easier to do when you’re not going to have to shovel it all away from walkways, the driveway etc...

Oh well, welcome back to Ontario Neil!

Another day, another bit of snow to shovel.