Selling My Art by Neil Blake

3 TV boxes packed full of my art, myelinstate art. 

3 TV boxes packed full of my art, myelinstate art. 

   I’ve been painting for about 5 years now, and mind you I haven’t been able to paint every day, I do have a fair number of nice pieces for sale. Check them out in the Portfolio part of the site, if you’d like to see what I have to offer. 

   I know I’m totally biased when I say this, but I’m not kidding about how beautiful my art is.  I can’t wait to get my own place to decorate with all of my beautiful abstract art.  now, that having been said, if you like a piece, please feel free to make me an offer! Please!

Art Battle by Neil Blake


   Last night was my first Art Battle event. I’d never heard of it before, but as an artist in a new city, was it fun to go out and meet some people. I showed up a bit late becuase I had other engagements i needed to attend before the battle. I ended up getting there a little late, so I missed the first round, but was there for ths rest. Each roucnd of painting was 20 minuteses long and the artist coud paint anything they wanted.

  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get any photos of the winning art the was produced, but my favourite was an amazingly beautiful sky with the silhouette of some trees in black. 

   The other thing I really enjoyed was getting to meet other beautiful artists while having a drink and talking to the artists and their partner.

   At the end all of the art produced that night goes up for sale, which is why I want to participate next time.

"Juxtapozed" by Neil Blake

I had started this painting about a year ago, but didn't quite know how to get the splashes of colour I was looking for. Then, at last weeks Pancakes and Booze Festival, one of the other artists and I started talking about our creative processes and some of the methods, tools and mediums we use. It was here that she gave me ideas and suggestions to try out. My next post here will have a photo and description of my first one called "Impending Incursion". After I had tried using it once, I was convinced it was exactly what I had been looking for and would allow me to create exactly what I was hoping for.  

This was inspired by my life. How everything was so organized, planned. I felt great, as straight an narrow, all I had to do was follow the simple, straight path I had laid our for myself as far out as I could. So, all those straight, crisp, parallel, black and white lines along a straight fairly predictable path was suddenly flooded by an immense flow of chaos (bright colours) where i had so little control other than what colours, medium, and how I would pour it onto the canvas. 

"Juxtaposed"   Acrylic + Medium on canvas 18" x 24"

 Acrylic + Medium on canvas
18" x 24"