Oh oh! / by Neil Blake

The first time I looked at the time on my phone this morning, it was 09:09. Now this doesn’t really sound like much at all, until I mention how every time I look at my phone, there a numeric pattern to the time. 10:10, 11:11, 13:13. I find things like this quite, bizarre, but comforting at the same time. It it’s more than just the time though.

After I saw the numeric patter in the time, I then opened up Facebook, and look at that! It’s a memory showing a picture of me and Melissa during our hardcore, phat pant, bleach blonde raver days on one side, and a picture taken about a year ago. When I saw that picture, it brought back so many memories about the best, funnest, most enjoyable times of my life!

That was a long time ago. Sooooo many things have changed for me though that I will likely never be able to recreate the experiences like that again. Although I did almost manage to when I went to see #Skrillex in Aukland. That was trip I will never forget, as it left a mark.