Emotional control / by Neil Blake

When I was younger, when I lost my temper, which happened quite a bit, especially at school. It took me down some pretty dark holes, nearly leading a suspension from school. Finally at one point I learned to be able to control myself a bit better, even though I did still have lapses, which have even led to me breaking my 5th metacarpal in my hand.

These days, unfortunately, I’m seeing the loss of the ability to control my emotions again, this time in a much less ugly, pain inducing way. For example, this morning I am sitting at The Coffee Shop in Tobermory trying to catch up on Facebook, only to have tears start flowing when other people stories of loss, wether it be because of the loss of a family member, dog or cat, doesn’t matter. After losing sooo much because of my MS, maybe it’s because I can relate to loss so much better, but wow!!! I really do wish I could get enough of it back to be able to control it better.