Low pain / by Neil Blake

It’s not very often but it does still very rarely happen that the pain I deal with on a daily basis never starts up for some strange reason. Yesterday was one of those days! I really wish I could figure out how to stay there though because as I write this, I can already fell it coming back fiercer than yesterday and it only 9:30 in the morning. Actually I think I may have just remembered what I did differently yesterday! No sugar!

I guess I’ve got two amazing reasons to cut sugar completely:

1. I am trying to lose the weight I gained because of a side effect of one of the meds I’m on and eating way too much. It made me HUNGRY, so I’d eat sweet “snacks” all day long before going home to eat dinner and I’m not talking one dinner. Oh no! I’m talking 2 or 3.

2. So I can eat cleaner overall and Just feel better! Especially when combined with going to The Gym in Sudbury.

I also don’t think that the amount of sugar I was eating was helping my MS.