10,000 Steps a Day / by Neil Blake

I have been trying to be a lot more active since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.and put on a lot of medication just over 6 years ago. That need for 10k steps a day is to keep my weight in check as some of the meds some make me very hungry way too much, and so I started gaining weight! More than I’ve ever had on me in my life!

When I was married, I used to carry a pedometer with me in my pocket every day, until I lost it somewhere. My interest in getting to 10k steps/day was sparked again by the Apple Watch which is one of my favourite features of the watch!

For example, yesterday I got lost a few times walking around Tobermory, and so ended up walking 24,700 steps to cover the 18.6km I walked yesterday! Let me tell you about how tired I was by the time I got home after having dinner with my dad’s friends Rick and Ashley at the Crows Nest Pub where I had an absolutely delicious pulled pork sandwich.

Let’s just say there was no problem falling asleep last night!