Selling my Art / by Neil Blake

When I moved back home in Ontario from Vancouver, I didn’t really bring much with me except for the essentials like clothes, but I didn’t own any furniture anymore, but there was one thing that I was never going to leave behind. That one thing is actually made up of 24 pieces. That one thing I am talking about is my portfolio of art.

The awesome thing was that I literally just mailed it to my moms house using Canada Post. I used Canada Post because I had a very good inclination that it would totally arrive in the same state it was in (not damaged) when I packed it. I could have brought it with me on the plane, but it was expensive, and I don’t really trust airline baggage handling, especially when it is fragile, unless it is ridiculously marked FRAGILE!

If you or anyone you know likes Contemporary Abstract Art by a Disabled because of Multiple Sclerosis Canadian Artist, please take a look at my Portfolio and make me an offer! I will end this post by sayingthat i will seriously consider any offer over $150.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to got through my portfolio.