Tobermory / by Neil Blake

I made it! I’m not going to lie, even though I LOVE Vancouver and the West Coast, I do have a few favourite places in Ontario, one of which is on the Bruce Peninsula in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron called Tobermory, which is where my Dad now lives.

My mom and dad would come here with the kids to go diving in the shipwrecks in the lakes which were used by the Europeans to come get furs from the native trappers to bring back to Europe to make fur coats for their wives. My sister and I were young, so we would play in the sand while our parents would be underwater. The sand on the beaches here is so unbelievably different than what we had at Sudbury beaches, we would just play for hours and hours. I just love how many good memories are coming back.

Although I have a fairly difficult time recalling recent events, I just love that these great ones are coming back.