Rent / by Neil Blake

I recently moved back home to Sudbury from Vancouver, mainly because of my seizure and to get back somewhere that would allow me to save money and pay off debt.

I’ve been here since the end of November and have a o far have managed to make very good progress on my debt repayment plan, but at the cost of moving away from my best friend. Definitely not something to forget is my family that moved out to BC after coming to visit me and then falling in love with the city and the West Coast.

As i usually do while having my morning coffee, I was flipping through Flipboard and saw a very surprising article about the cost of rent across major Canadian cities. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve known that Vancouver rent wasn’t cheap for a very long time, but I thought Vancouver was Canada’s most expensive, but according to this article, Toronto actually is!

This new information has led me to wonder… “Where will I move to when I get my debt paid off and am ready to move back to a much better fit for me and my illness.