Hotel mumbai / by Neil Blake

I was at Imagine Cinemas here downtown last night at a new theatre to me and I really liked it! The cinema had an old-school feel to it as you could totally tell that it wasn’t a blockbuster movie type of cinema. The popcorn was yummy and the movie was also a real nice view of what Mumbai is like

One nice thing about the cinema was that it was assigned seating which I absolutely love!

Now this may sound all hoity toity this morning, but I just moved from Vancouver and let me tell you, Mumbai is WAY different than Mumbai. I’ve always wanted to visit Mumbai so this was an awesome view into what living there would be like! It would definitely not work very well for someone who forgets way too much stuff to be able to adequately cope with all the chaos there!

The movie definitely had some beautiful scenes and very emotional, at least for me because of the similarities to my own life these days. I highly recommend it though, an absolutely beautiful movie with a great storyline.