Dating / by Neil Blake


   I’m back to living in Sudbury for a while so that I can pay off some debt and it’s going great so far. From past experience, I know what it can be like to live somewhere you feel amazingly greatful for simply waking up every day like I did today. 

   One thing that is so different here than it was out west is the women. I’ve always been partial to blondes, I even used to dye my own hair blonde, as close to white that I could get it. Now that I have so many good looking women around me, I would have totally expected to be wanting to date some of them.  It’s weird though, it’s almost as if the thought of dating turns me off. Maybe it’s because i already have two amazing female friends in my life who already meet every single attribute I would ever want in a long term partner, except for the sex as we don’t go there, and that is totally okay with me!

   You see, these two women are so special to me that I don’t want to cross any lines in our friendship because I’ve lost every single one of my past “girlfriends” after we broke up and I don’t want to lose these two. I value my two friends’ friendships so much, that I don’t risk it.