Inbox Zero / by Neil Blake

  Back in the day when I had to be somewhere every day by a certain time, I used to take SkyTrain or other means of public transit to get to and from home. While doing so, I used to have my iPod with me so that I could listen to various podcasts. One of my favourite podcasts from back in the day was T.W.I.T.  with Leo Laporte. Leo and his guests would occasionally mention how they aspired to get to an Inox Zero state in their email inboxes.  That sounded like an amazing idea!    

   As someone who has had the same email address since 1998, I get an email or hundreds a day, so I had pretty much given up on checking and reading my email. I’ve had enough!

   My goal today was to start regaining control of my email. The first thing I did was to login on my MacBook and selected all unread messages using gmail’s :isunread search and then archived them! 

WOOHOO! Finally!