Art Battle / by Neil Blake


   Last night was my first Art Battle event. I’d never heard of it before, but as an artist in a new city, was it fun to go out and meet some people. I showed up a bit late becuase I had other engagements i needed to attend before the battle. I ended up getting there a little late, so I missed the first round, but was there for ths rest. Each roucnd of painting was 20 minuteses long and the artist coud paint anything they wanted.

  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get any photos of the winning art the was produced, but my favourite was an amazingly beautiful sky with the silhouette of some trees in black. 

   The other thing I really enjoyed was getting to meet other beautiful artists while having a drink and talking to the artists and their partner.

   At the end all of the art produced that night goes up for sale, which is why I want to participate next time.