Roll It Up! / by Neil Blake

   Now that I am back back to living in Sudbury, it’s so much easier to get a Tim Hortons’ double double around here than any other coffee when you leave the house. There is only 1 or 2 Starbucks locations in the whole city, so as someone who doesn’t drive or work anymore, it just makes it so much more sense to get a Timmie’s than a Starbucks! 

    Every year around the time the NHL playoffs start, Tim Hortons’ has  there annual “Roll up the rim to win” contest. I’ve known some people who have done quite well with RUTRTW contest, wining a vehicle, and another, the grand prize house! I think the biggest thing I’ve ever won was a sandwich + coffee and donut at once. 

   I will say I’ve already won 2 cups of free coffee, but have only been able to redeem one. I keep losing such a tiny little piece of rim when I do win. 

   Today however is a little different, I found my winning rim in my right hand change pocket!