Shut Down! / by Neil Blake

   After having moved back home to Ontario from BC, even though I’m still in the same country, Canada, I’m finding  the cannabis market is completely different out here. I now know why. 

   According to this article, a fairly large part of the reason was that I was going to dispensaries that weren’t properly licensed that were selling illegal products, like concentrates, which are a very big part of how I medicate.

   I find it interesting that the government legalized marijuana partly to eliminate the guy on the corner selling weed to the kids on their way to and from school to only to end up with a market that is just as underground as before and  now preventing me from medicating the way that works best for my MS because of its intensity.

   Now, don’t get me wrong, smoking a joint will often also help, but it’s smoking which isn’t good for the body, so I dab. Dabbing shatter (concentrate) is vaporizing and therefore not as bad for the lungs., so it is my preferred way to get what i need. Another huge plus for dabbing is the amount of CBD and THC that is delivered to the body. It is just so much more intense that it is usually what I need in order to minimize the pain. 

   I’m not surprised that Cannabis Culture was shut down. I had the feeling the government didn’t like what they were doing and was just waiting to find a way to shut them down. Well, the City of Vancouver finally got him.