Progress Is Being Made / by Neil Blake

I’m currently just having a seat near the location of an upcoming meeting I will be attending after a very productive day with the help of my mom and ex-wife at my Public Storage unit in  North Vancouver 

Even though it was really hard to be around the ex today, it made so much clearer how much work I still need to do to stop living in the past and move on. I also wasn’t able to locate my paper shredder to get rid of a bunch of extra paper I wanted to get rid of today. However, I was able to eventually get into my storage unit and get to a few other things that I ended up to bringing home and go through before getting rid of it with my mom’s  help. 

Together we made some really good progress at starting to really sort through a lot of the old stuff I’ve been paying around $100/month to store.  I’m on disability, so I could really use that extra cash. 

Even though I didn’t find the paper shredder I originally went there for I did manage to find a bunch of other stuff I’ll blog about later.

its meeting time!