Missed It Again / by Neil Blake

Ok, so, I’m getting pretty damn tired of trying to get to my Peer Supprt group meetings and getting lost and then totally missing them or arriving somewhere I thought a meeting was going to be happening, only to arrive on time, to find out I was at the wrong place completely!  Entirely like I have for the past two days.

The only, and it’s a HUGE one, difference being the amount of walking I had to do. Yesterday I ended up walking  17.31KM by taking 21780 steps, before getting up yesterday to end up taking  24,984 steps over the 18.79KM walked yesterday!

Today, I thought I had another MS Peer Support group meetings out in New Westminter, only to arrive to find a different group in the room. And so after walking around New West for a bit, I just gave up and got back on the train and headed home.

i am definitely getting of failing, which. Is probably a big part of the reason the love painting and art these day!