Instant Tears / by Neil Blake

    My ex-wife and I used to have a storage locker together in North Vancouver when we had our loft in Gastown. After our divorce, I kept paying for it because I didn’t want to be packing/unpacking and then hauling the very little material goods that I still owned but wanted to keep. When we split, the easiest thing to do was to move into a furnished studio apartment in Yaletown.

   The storage unit was where I kept all of my memorabilia and the bigger things I knew I would’nt need very often but still wanted to keep. It was where I kept everything left that I owned after the split, which wasn’t much stuff at all compared to what I am surrounded by today, unfortunately (I just don’t like having “stuff”)

   My ex and I had moved to Vancouver, BC from Ottawa, Ontario with what we could fit in the car and a small U-Haul tow trailer, before we bought a place where one could see everything in the place, as it was just one room!

Well, almost 10 years later, I saw her in a very different context for the first time in a  very long time and was instantly brought to tears.  

Its always been quite easy to make me cry, but never this easy, which just made me realize how much things have changed. 

I really need to move on!