Interesting / by Neil Blake

My aunt Nikki has been helping me out lately, and so today, it’s my turn to pay it back. I’m just at her place now waiting for some workers to come into her place, which is an absolutely awesome little Bachelor suite in a very new building.

Just seeing it and feeling how solid it is, is really… I don’t know. Well, yes I do know. My mom is here to help since my seizure , and it’s really making me think… On one hand, I love the west, living near the ocean, the people I have met out here, and the WEATHER! But then I reach into my pocket, that’s where it’s just so hard for me to want to leave… unless it was somewhere super cheap, which is EXACLY what going home would be…

But, I’m just not ready yet!

I will also say this. I’m in a one bedroom apartment in the west end of downtown Vancouver. It’s a very great neighbourhood, which actually, now that Im thinking about it… it might be fund to go home and live cheap for a bit so that I would be able to travel a little sooner, because once my debt is paid, that will become my primary focus.

I just really need to start strapping it down!