Concept / by Neil Blake


I’ve known about the Federation of Canadian Artists since I was quite young because my parents used to have a couple of pieces hanging in the house. I am now at a point in my life where I am seriously contemplating applying to become an Active Member.

There is an exhibition called Concept going on right now, and I am so tempted to go check it out as it seems just down my alley. I know that going to see what other member artists are doing might also give me a better idea if I need to keep working before I apply to become one myself.

The downside is that it costs $50 to apply which is not a lot of money, unless you’re a starving artist like me. If I could possibly get the $50 for the application fee, hopefully that would lead to me becoming a Member and getting some exposure in order to actually sell some of my pieces! I’ll let you all know when I do.