Rebooted / by Neil Blake



Yesterday was a  really hard day emotionally, psychologically and physically as well. After my latest relapse (MS), during which time I was hospitalized by ambulance because of a grandmaul seizure, I was given corticosteroids by injection and IV, to try to reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of another. That left me with some very visible and ugly bruising to my lower forarm.

You have to remember that I live in Vancouver, which is by far, the home of Canada’s largest and most visible drug addiction problem (heroin, fentanyl amongst others) in the country. So to have to leave the hospital with bruises and injection sites visible like they were, isn’t exactly fun. No is it the best way to “meet the ladies” , as my uncle Ben used to say, is it? Don’t get what I’m about to say wrong, but, at least, not the kind of woman I’m looking for or that I’d like to learn more about.


IV injection site bruising on my forearms.