In Touch / by Neil Blake

When I was younger, i remember my mom, aunt and sister would all sing in the car. It drove me crazy! Then, American Idol came out on the scenee and became a regular show on TV that the women would get together to watch and talk about incessantly. I used to absolutely hate it. 

Today is different! Today, I am artist who struggles to be himself and express myself, and I am here, right here!

Today, i was watching The  Four:  Battle for Stardom and was introduced to Leah Jenea for the first time. Her performance was absolutely amazing and managed bring tears to my eyes very quickly and I’m not talking one little drop or just a little “moist” either.  

I’ve always been an emotional kind of guy, but not until my MS did I have such an appreciation for vocals like Leah Janea.  

Anyway, feel free to leave some comments after you’ve watched the video.