Now And Then / by Neil Blake



The picture above is a picture of one of my ex-girlfriends and I. The left side was taken 20 years ago, the right hand side was taken last night. Even though we’v aged a little, I think we both look just as happy as we did back then, even if all of the joy in the most recent picture on the right is bacause it’s of two people who were extremely close and important to each other at one time who hadn’t seen or talked in 15 years! 

Melissa is now a successful real-estate agent in Toronto’s red hot real-estate market where she keeps winning top sales award after top sales award. It was just so interesting listening to her speak I could probably done it all night. 

We had laughs, good conversation and all it did was remind me of how much I miss her and show me how much MS has affected my self confidence. 

Melissa works today and so unlike back in the day when we would dance till the sun came up, we were in bed early to get some sleep like the responsible adults we are these days.