Halfway There / by Neil Blake


When I was younger, I didn’t really think about what it would be and feel like to turn 40 years old. I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t planning for it because I was, but not in a lot of ways and areas I should have. 

I say “should have”  because even though my life changed drastically after I was diagnosed with MS, I do need to remember to appreciate what I do have. If this trip has shown me anything, it is that I have an amazing family and am friends with a group of truly amazing people who love me. It was all that expression of love that had me so emotional yesterday. Being back home for such a milestone has been extremely difficult because of all of the old thoughts that keep getting stirred up. 

At the end of the day however, it was a day I don’t ever want to forget and it reminded me of how important being in the moment really is.