No Family Doctor / by Neil Blake

Just before I got sick in 2012, things were just starting to get weird. I was still playing hockey at the time and had broken my hand one day by losing my temper and punching the glass. Because of the combination of weirdness starting and my broken hand that I would need a daily doctor. That's when I found Dr. Raymond McConville

Unfortunately, it's not 2012 anymore and after many years of amazing help and service, he is now retiring. 

I was telling a friend about this and that was when she put everything into perspective for me about my time in Vancouver and how lohg I've been here. The entering thing about that was that thinking about how long I've been here and what I have been seriously contemplating moving back east... and then I remember my medical records.

That's when the back that I would be leaving Vancouver, the home of the UBC MS Clinic.