Midnight Sun / by Neil Blake

I saw a preview of this movie the other day, and was just so hooked, it’s crazy!  

Now, I’ll totally be the first to admit that it isn’t very hard at all to make me cry these days, but the other day I was watching TV and then the above trailer for Midnight Sun started to play. Ever since I made the greatest mistake I have ever made in my entire life, I have really been into hearing about amazing love stories and the people in them.  

Midnight Sun is about a girl with a rare illness where she is sensitive  to the sun, and so has to stay inside when the sun is out. When she very rarely does go outside, she keeps running into a boy who plays guitar.out on the street. It just looks like an amazing tear jerker of a film. I can’t wait to see it!!

Another thing that I really want to see is how she lives and deals with some of the problems that come along with being so sick at such a young age with a rare disease that aots of people don't really understand, like me and my MS.

I'll post a short review of it here first.