FUCK You MS / by Neil Blake

So, it's a Monday at 2:24 in the afternoon, and here I am sitting at Tim Hortons just down the street from my place here in the West End of Vancouver, by myself. Again. I mean it's not like I don't have the time. That's all I have. 

I need to stop lying to myself about my situation and figure things out. Living on a disability income in an expensive city like Vancouver is not easy, but not impossible. 

I wish I could compare getting sick with something like MS to losing a job, but it's so much more complicated than losing a job. You see, not only did I lose my job, in essence, I lost my ability to work. 

I just find myself in a less than ideal financial position which will take a long time to rectify.  I wish I could afford to travel! That would definitely help the time pass. Or, someone to spend it with would also be nice.