Hillcrest Pool / by Neil Blake

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a 30 day pass called the OneCard for $30 at Hillcrest Community Centre. The pass is good for any recreational facility in the city for 30 days, so it was a great deal. 

For example, yesterday I took a friend to HIllcrest as she had never been there before to show her the facility and my favourite part, the lazy River. 

We got there at about noon and started with a tour of the lazy River before heading in the steam room and hot tub. We laughed all day as we were just having so much fun. 

One of the pools has a 1m, 3m and 5m diving boards. I jumped off the 1 and 3 a couple of times, but wasn't going to do the 5, especially because even off the 3, I couldn't see where the water started, so it looked like I was jumping onto a floor wayyyyy down there. SCARY!

Then, I was watching my friend jump off the 5, and while there ended up talking to a little kid about jumping off the 3 and suddenly found my self  all full of courage. I decided to just walk up to the top of the 5m and jump offf! 

unfortunately, I totally did a face flop, because wow, did that ever hurt!

Even though I can still feel it today, especially when I brush my teeth, I'm heading out to swim again right now.