Productive Week / by Neil Blake

Ha, what a title when I haven’t blogged in almost a week!  But the reason i haven’t been blogging much is because I’ve been busy running around getting all my papers and documents back in order so that I could prove that I’ve moved from BC back to Ontario.

I got it started for my drivers license by first filling in a form and getting a vision test. I failed the test 3 times, even after having gone back home to get my glasses, which meant I couldn’t try again. I was then given the opportunity to get my Ontario Photo Card for ID which I absolutely jumped even though it meant having to totally give up my drivers license. Don’t get me wrong, i fully realize that I don’t live in a city with public transit like Vancouver anymore, but there is still some public transit.

One thing Sudbury has that Vancouver didn’t was family. Family allows me to feel comfortable enough to give up my license which reduces costs even more. This all helps to make me happier and once my debt is paid, to travel again.