Days Away / by Neil Blake

Yesterday was my last time going to a Young Persons Peer Spport Group (YPPSG)  meeting put on by the MS Society out here in Vancouver, and man, was it ever a hard one. It started with our group organizer telling the group it was going to be her last meeting as well. That’s when everyone ‘s tears started flowing, and in her last address, she also mentioned that I had decided to move back to Sudbury, which meant it would be my last one too. 

Then everyone around the table said some very nice words about their best memories of me, or their favourite qualities were and how watching me deal with it all had inspired them. 

It was definitely the best meeting with the best group of people who fully understand the whole scope of the MS Battle. 

After the meeting, my friend Carole brought me out to dinner where I had some of the best cooked chicken i’d had in a really long time.  I was so greatful for all the nice things people had to say about me and the positive impact I had on their lives. 

We all shed ALOT   of tears, but in the end, I got to thank everyone for helping and inspiring me to keep getting up every day and put one foot in front of the other.