Progress / by Neil Blake

   My life changed big time about 5 years aso when I was diagnosed with MS. As I started trying to learn more about the illness I would be living with for the test of my life, I learned that MS was an illness where my own immune system starts thinking that the myelin sheath that protects every nerve cell in human body, is an invading virus or something like and attacks it like an enemy. This damages the cells and leaves behind damaged areas called lesions. Lesions are like scars on the brain, which means that things aren’t going to flow like they once did.

There is no cure, but I am on medication called Gilenya, which has helped get me back to feeling ok, with pain still, on most days.

When I first started leaning about MS, I first started learning about the medication I was on, and where we were in regards to research overall.

   Even though there was no cure and still plenty of unknowns, I really hoped that a breakthrough would come soon.

   Well, I think it has!  A team of researchersha from University Hospital of Zurich in Switzerland  have my have identified an elusive molecule that sparks multiple sclerosis. That’s when I got excited! 

Finally some real progress!