Next Art Show / by Neil Blake

I am terribly sorry ladies and gentelmen, a couple of days ago

I had posted that I was going to post yesterday, but I've had a bit of a distraction sucking up a lot of my time. That distraction is the  Pancakes and Booze art show at Fortune Sound Club coming up on February 1stj, which does give me 2 weeks to get ready. I'm really looking forward to this show, as I've been in one before and made some observations and learned some lessons, like: "Don't be late!"

This time, I"m going to have a little plaque next to each piece of work to give the observer some useful information, . Another lesson I learned last time was to pick how I wanted to display each piece, do I want it landscape or portrait?  Finally, another important thing I learned last time was to make sure I have already installed wires on the back of each  piece I plan on showing.

Wow! Thank you! Again as I blog something wicked and usefu pops into my head! So another thing I leaned was to bring my own tools because there are just so many people. And I should put my name and phone number on anything I bring to the show. 

Anyway, if you live near or around Vancouver and are looking for something to do on the 1st, swing by fortune for some pancakes.