Blog++, IG++ / by Neil Blake

Not sure if you've noticed or not, but I have been posting here a bit more often lately, but, not only here.  Another reason I've been a little more active on here is because I've been feeling the best I have in since being diagnosed. This has allowed me to paint more  often lately, which simply leads me to have more to  post to my Instagram account.

LOL. So as I sit here at Greenhorn Cafe writing this post, the pain that I was saying was feeling "good", is starting to act up again. It's important to note the quotes. The quotes are there to indicate very clearly, that this is not what I would have called good a few rears back.  Even though when I say "good", this is a "good" with an absolutely different meaning to me today, as I've had to completely redefine good  since MS. Mentally, i've been doing alright...  unless I start thing about women, or, I should say the lack of at least one woman with whom I am more than friends with, whether it simply be for a short time or a long time.  There once was a time where I wasn't really considering long-term relationships because I just wasn't ready. I am now!

That being said about that part of my life, actually, i'll post about it tomorrow!