Shambhala Part II / by Neil Blake

As mentioned in my previous post, drugs were very prominent at Shambhala. If you brought drugs, any drug, except for alcohol, all you needed to do was to openly declare what you had land how much of it you had. Once it was clear that we knew what the rules were and that we were following them, we were let in. 

Now, obviously Shambhala is not your typical music festival, which is why people come from very far to experience it, all of it! Another thing which I think sets Shambhala apart and makes it so much safer is that total openness and respect to create such a safe environment to safely experiment with drugs, music, fashion and art of so many different types, which is going to happen anyway.

Finally, I don't want people to get the impression that you need to do drugs at Shambhala in order to get the full experience. You don't! Every one is having so much sharing the amazing moment they are in with the people around them, you just cannot help but get all wrapped up in love. You cannot go to Shambhala and come back the same person or with the same opinion about love, or the goodness of humatnity.