Shambhala Music Festival / by Neil Blake

Late Sufnday evening, I got home from Shambhala  Music Festival where I got to relive some of the be best times of my life, but with a whole new appreciation and gratitude. When I was in Vancouver that first summer with two high school friends (SJ and JS) and one of their friends from university (SA), back in the summer between 2nd and 3rd year university.

Shambhala is known around the world for being a place where you can be free, safe, and amazing surrounded by similar like minded and amazing people while on various types of mood enhancing substances like MDMA, Cocaine, Ketamine, CBD, THC, LSD, etc....  all the while listening to some of   the best djs, producers and artists. 

Now, as an artist, I am always stimulated by patterns, lights, and bright colours, and with an area of the festival grounds called the "Fractal Forest", wether you were on drugs or not, it was near impossible to not be approaching an overstimulated and blissful state. 

I'll add more in a bit...