Saying Goodbye to My Hero / by Neil Blake

The past couple of days have been quite difficult. It all started with a call from my mom to let me know that grandpa wasn't doing well, and that I should probably come home. I know this wasn't good, and did overhang that needed to be done as quick as I could so that I could buy a ticket YVR->YSB return. I don't usually fly all they way to Sudbury, but I needed to hurry this time. I was able to make the red-eye so that I could arrive to my destination early. 

I've been at the hospital quite a bit since I arrived, but last time just got to the point where I just couldn't handle it anymore, so I went over, grabbed his hasn't and said my final goodbye, after I thanked them for everything he had done or me and me and my family. I am so proud to say that I am the man that I am today because of his undying love and support.