After RK arrived in Whistler with the spare jacket, paid the exorbitant $140 for a lift ticket, we headed up and had an amazing day that I likely won't forget for quite some time.

When I got back to Vancouver, I mentioned my day up there, and TB told me how she would love to go up there for a stop at Scandinave Spa and a day of boarding  and a chill night at the Westin

Whether you've a local who's never been, or on your way to Whistler from out of town, I would definitely think about stopping in for some great, therapeutic,  relaxation. After our spa day, we went back and had dinner. Now, I usually try to avoid crying on a first date, which this wasn't. TB  already knew quite a bit about me, so even though I wanted to avoid certain  topics because I knew they would lead to tears. At the end of it, I was left amazingly exhausted. 

Even though I was seriously thinking about quitting skiing, I had such a great time skiing that I am not ready to walk away. I've decided to just stick to the local mountains (like Cypress Mountain) next year.