Hard Day / by Neil Blake

Every day is a new day, and so after this post, I'm going to try to not think about the day I had yesterday. It started off with me on my computer checking email and doing my usual morning Facebook routine. In one of the first stories in my feed was about a video made by  (see below). He managed to explain what MS is like like I, unfortunately, have not been able to. I will say however, that I think one major difference was that I was quite a bit older when I was diagnosed, which in my humble option, made things a little hards, as I had tasted enough of life before MS

After breakfast I decided I would go to the lounge and get more product. While I was there, a very familiar song started playing which instantly took me back to a much much simpler time of my life. A time where I had met my now ex-wife, but hadn't started dating yet. I was dating a girl who to this day is one of the top 3 women who have made me the man I am today.