Conversation with Crystal / by Neil Blake

Earlier this week, I met up with Crystal to ask her one question. I wanted to know if she still had her wedding ring or not. It was a really tough conversation for me, definitely one of the toughest of my life,  as I miss her so, so much. Now, she, no we, both recognize that we had fallen apart, and that we both had a hand in breaking it, even though I was the one that made the final ruinous decision that would bring it to a screeching end. 

I told her about how I now considered that time of my life to be a time where I made worst, the most  terrible, painful and downright ruinous decisions of my life. I miss her so much that when I meet someone that reminds me of her, I instantly want to know more about her, even though I know it will probably only lead to disappointment because he isn't Crystal

The hardest part of the conversation for both of us was definitely the part where I told her that I missed her, and "I love you", which are both true.