Bitcoin / by Neil Blake


If you haven't heard of bitcoin yet, it's a cryptocurrency that, in my opinion,  has the power to change the world, in many, many ways.

I already own a tiny bit, 0.00373473 BTC, and i've been thinking of a way to more easily transact with people who are, perhaps, also interested in purchasing some of my art.

The other thing that really interests me about bitcoin is that if you get things up properly, you can make a little bit of cash every day for just leaving your computer on so that you can  help "mine" for more. Mining is the act of processing blocks on the blockchain in order to find more coins. 

I'm still in the process of getting a coin square account setup, but I'm at step 2 of 3. I'll update here with any progress of note. 

When it comes to becoming an independent artist, Bitcoin combined with the fact that also have a Square account and card reader really opens up a lot of options.