WE Art Market Results / by Neil Blake

Last Sunday was the WE Art Market. When I was trying to decide to go or not, I realized it would be the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so I thought it might be a good chance to maybe have my art seen by some visitors from out of town. Sadly to say, even though it was a sunny day all day long, it was also a bit windy and definitely chilly! This all meant that market traffic was rather light, and when it did come by, it was usually stopping to look at and buy some of the beautiful jewelry made by Parisa from @standoutboutique at table next to me.


During the quiet times I would go around and look at what the other artists were offering for sale. When I got back to my table and took another look at my display, I noticed something. My lowest priced piece was $280, there the tables around me were selling thing for a little less. I mean, in th end it did make me realize that I should probably prioritize figuring our how to get nice prints made that I can turn into higher end value items like cards, duvet covers, comforters, sheets or maybe even decorative pillows. 

In the end, I just means that I have my next project to get started on all figured out.