Home for Christmas / by Neil Blake

I'm back east for the holidays and I;m having a really hard time this year.  I recently started a higher dose of my antidepressant and although, I have been on this med for about 3 months now, which should be enough time for them to start having an effect,  I still find myself crying every single day.

Today, for example, I was at Hallmark to get some cards, and suddenly I saw a beautiful card and started crying... again.  After I was done there, I went to meet my step dad who just so happened to be sitting in the food court with 3 guys he used to work with. Before I knew it, the conversation had turned such that I found myself tearing up again. I'm not embarrassed about crying in public, but it sure would be nice to have one day without crying.  

Everyday I notice how much my MS has affected my life. Not only do I have to deal with neurological issues of MS, but also the emotional.  I've been feeling quite good physically lately, which is great! I can even stard and balance myself on one leg . However, I just can't seem to figure out the emotional part and I have a feeling it's going to take a lot of work, and a very long time.