Friday Night / by Neil Blake

Last night was quite enjoyable. I had been watching the 2014 World Cup from Brazil and the final season of Fringe all day. One that was done, I'd gone outside to smoke a little before bed, and I noticed a group of people around what looked like a fire. At first, I thought someone had set up a fire pit in the backyard, and so I yelled out and asked. It was the downstairs neighbours and some of their friends. Someone called out my name and invited me down to sit with them, which I promptly did. 

I wasn't wearing shoes at the time, so I headed back inside to grab my left shoe, and let me roommate TC know and can get him outside with me. Also though, I did notice something about myself last night. I noticed at the end of night that what I was going to do, go to bed, or join the group downstairs, at the end of the night depended on what TC was going to do. 

The conversation was good and enlightening. I tried not to talk about my 2013, as it's not exactly a "happy" topic, but I managed to give a condensed version of everything that I've been through and not cry all night. Awesome! 

Overall, it was a fun night considering I had no plans and have been sitting at home in front of the TV for weeks now since my surgery.