Our House / by Neil Blake

I'm currently writing this on a Boeing 777-300 on my way back from the best trip of my life! During my last trip to Australia at the end of September, I went back to the Witsundays with my friends SF, AB and NT.  I stopped in Auckland on my way back to visit my good and long time friends RM, DM and their two little girls. At one point, I found myself at KK and AK's (friends of RM and DM) house to celebrate AK's birthday. During the party, I found myself in the living room dancing to dubstep with the other attendees when all of a sudden, a track by Skrillex came on. When I mentioned that seeing Skrillex live was on my bucket list, the other attendees informed me that Skrillex was coming to Auckland for the Our House festival, and that some of them even already had tickets!

I couldn't believe it! At the time, I wasn't sure that I'd be able to afford it, however, when KK and MK invited me to stay at their place for some time if need be, I knew that after I bought my ticket to the festival, the only thing left was the airfare. I did still had to see if it would work out, but then, I saw an amazing deal with Air New Zealand, which in the end, ended up costing me $1288, taxes in and all. :) Well, the festival was Friday, and it was epic

That left me the rest of my time in Auckland to visit the shops, buy a necklace and visit Nesian Tattoo. I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for quite sometime. I knew the style I wanted, Maori and Polynesian, and after talking to Joe, I decided to book an appointment for the following Monday. Once I arrived, Joe used a marker to outline the areas he was going to outline. Four hours later he was done.

Given my experience, I've got to say this was a trip I will never forget!