No Family Doctor by Neil Blake

Just before I got sick in 2012, things were just starting to get weird. I was still playing hockey at the time and had broken my hand one day by losing my temper and punching the glass. Because of the combination of weirdness starting and my broken hand that I would need a daily doctor. That's when I found Dr. Raymond McConville

Unfortunately, it's not 2012 anymore and after many years of amazing help and service, he is now retiring. 

I was telling a friend about this and that was when she put everything into perspective for me about my time in Vancouver and how lohg I've been here. The entering thing about that was that thinking about how long I've been here and what I have been seriously contemplating moving back east... and then I remember my medical records.

That's when the back that I would be leaving Vancouver, the home of the UBC MS Clinic.


Ahhhh!!!!! by Neil Blake

The last few days have been soooo good, I'm almost scared to talk about it! AS mentioned a few weeks ago when I met her,  Amanda and I have managed to figure out that we can very easily help each other out in ways that people without the same illness just can't understand.

Another reason that I've been away lately is Matt, Amanda's friend from way back. The first time we met we got along so good, we made plans to go out, just the two of us, the Boys!

We started off at mine with a few Raspberry beers, some dabs for me and amazing conversation until the beer ran out. That was the first perfectly timed event of the evening. After our last sips of beer, we headed out toward the Alibi Room in Gastown. Matt had told me about a girl and her friend that he wanted meet up with. 

As we were walking to the Alibi Room, Matt received the message he's been waiting for, and then BOOM! There she was just crossing the street right in front of us. That's when I met Pricilla, Matt's friend and then her friend, Cat.

Anyways, we ended up having a great night while having a blast with two very beautiful women we'd just met. 

Pattern by Neil Blake

So I’ve recently noticed something about myself,  well, more like realized, about how I seem to always end friendships with women. I should also probably describe the type of friendships I tend to form with women. 

I often have a hard time deciding whom to spend my time with and how to spend it. So, if someone who makes all that really easy for me to figure out, I just end up spending way too much time together which inevitably leads to us fighting and “breaking up”. 

Great Mother's Day by Neil Blake

Yesterday was such a great day. I went to my friend Amanda's for a barbecue, which she had just bought used. Once we got it all cleaned up and got it looked up to the propane tank, we tried to get it to light and burn, but it just wouldn't go. That's when Mike, Amanda's mom's friend came down to help. He eventually got it lit after doing a bit more maintenance and getting a propane tank with some fuel in it.   

Once lit, I took over and put the patties on and grilled them up, while Matt cooked bacon and prepared and ;mazing Caesar salad. 

My favourite part about yesterday as the conversations that we had and not once did anyone start shouting at anyone else in the room. It was great!

The Brain by Neil Blake

I found a very interesting article about the human brain this morning.  I just love articles like this one that are so informative and well written. 

As someone with MS, my body at times attacks the myelin sheath of my brain and nervous cells very aggressively. In my first MRI back in 2012, there were already 20-30 lesions. So when I read about some of the new information we are discovering becauseof newly published research results. 

Beard Be Gone by Neil Blake

I always wanted to try to grow some facial hair when I was younger, so a while back I did. It was getting long enough that it was also approaching “terminal itch state”, you know, that state where it’s so bad, it just has to come off! For me, that was yesterday. I did manage to take a couple of pics though.



Repeat! by Neil Blake

Something important has really been bugging me for quite some time now. I just keep cycling over the same things in my head again and again without ever getting to a place of acceptance. 

Although, that being said, I did have a really good thought to help get me a lot closer the other night. It had to do with a hypothetical situation where I would be wanting to try to get something back, but the simple act of doing so would be directly against what I am all about today... not interupting something already in progress.

Hmm, finally! by Neil Blake

I was watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta yesterday and I finally had the moment I’d been waiting for, the moment where I totally mourned the loss of my chance of a child with one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever met. 

When i was married, children were a big part of the discussion. I just wasn’t ready for kids back then. Now is entirely different because of the MS and that’s what I realized last night. 

Pain Day by Neil Blake

Yesterday was a day full of pain, which was so intense at times that I was having a hard time talking. You could hear it in my voice, see it o my face. It was bad. 

I have a feeling today is going to be another day similar to yesterday in the pain department at least. 

Epstein-Barr <-> MS by Neil Blake

I use Flipboard to read the news these days, as google reader doesn’t exist anymore. Today I found an article that I was surprised to finally see published that talks about a recent study which has linked the EB virus to 7 other diseases, including MS. 

I got MONO when I was in OAC (grade 13, uni prep in Ontario, where I grew up) and after i was diagnosed with MS in 2013, I kind of got the idea that the EB virus and MS were somehow linked.  

Now, they are talking about how the Epstein-Barr virus is linked to 7 chronic illnesses including MS. 

Half Way by Neil Blake

Today is Aril 15th, which means that tomorrow I will be 2 months away from turning the mythical halfway point of my life. It's interesting as I sit here thinking about my life . 

When I do think about what I had and what I have today, I have a major problem finding anything to be happy about. I Mean, don't get me wrong, I know that I had successfully achieved all of the goals I had set myself when I was younger. 

And so when things started going bad in my marriage, instead of trying to fix things with the most beautiful women I've ever met, I decided to throw it all away. 

I will forever hate myself for that.

Exorbitant by Neil Blake

I was outside walking to the grocery store yesterday when I saw a "FOR RENT" sign on it with a new sign to indicate that there was a 2 bedroom unit available. I pulled my phone out and gave the manager a call to see how much rent was. That's when he told me that the two bedroom apartment in the 3 story blue building across the street without a view or anything, was going to be $2400/month!

Now, to put this all into perspective, I can you an excellent example. Almost 5 years exactly, I was living in a sub-penthouse 2 bedroom apartment in Coal Harbour for an extra $250/month more! 

Happy Birthday Phoenix! by Neil Blake

Last night I was at home watching TV and chatting with family, wishing them a happy Easter, when I noticed that my aunt had slipped in that my very pregnant sister's water broke.  Instantly there was a huge smile on my face from ear to ear. 

I really can't wait to meet this little guy!

Busy! by Neil Blake

I just noticed that it’s been a week since my last post, so I just thought I'd post a quick update.

A few days ago I went to Locarno Beach to hang with a friend of mine who is also in a situation where he is also not working at the moment, which is nice for me, as it give me someone to hang around with and talk to during the day. You see, I've known for a long time that I was an extrovert, even if I didn't understand the reason why I was.