Lowest Of the low by Neil Blake

My parents and I just finished selling pots of mini carnation flowers for Mother’s Day to raise money for the MS Society. After we were done, we went back straight to the office to meet up and drop off all the money and few pots of flowers. It actually turned out quite well, as we sold almost everything we had picked up earlier.

Unfortunately, someone broke into the MS Society office the very next day and stole everything!!!

I really hope these guys get caught!

Ticks in Ontario by Neil Blake

As someone with MS, an autoimmune illness, the last thing I need is to be bitten by a tick carrying Lyme Disease, again, an autoimmune illness. I was just flipping through Flipboard when I came upon an article talking about how it’s predicted to be really bad this year. Maybe bad enough for me to have to leave for a bit. I’m going to have to start thinking about where I want to go next…

EEG by Neil Blake

This was the machine I was plugged into for the EEG I had this morning. It was also my first EEG, but it is so easy, you just lay there and do nothing except open and close your eyes and look at the flashing light.

Anyway, not sure when I’ll get the results, but we’ll see.


Neurologist Visit by Neil Blake

I’m currently sitting here in the waiting room at my neurologist’s office in Bracebridge, a short 3 hour drive from Sudbury. This will be the second time that I see Dr. Ursell since morning back home in Sudbury. I can definitely tell her that I feel so much better since she changed a bunch of my meds.

I can’t wait to get to see her again before my EEG tomorrow.

T2 Program @ the Gym by Neil Blake

As I mentioned a few days ago, I got myself a membership at The Gym here in town where they have developed a training program (food and exercise) called T2 and are offering it all for free in their 6 week challenge, which I have also joined.

Yesterday, I walked to the gym, did a 30 minute “Combine” class, which is definitely intense but makes me feel so good afterwards, even though some of the good feeling is all about getting to know where you are weakest. Now that I know where to start focusing!

A&w helps with MS by Neil Blake

This morning we went to pick up 3 boxes of mini Carnations to bring to our local A&W restaurant to sell for Mother’s Day to raise funds for the MS Society.

I’ve only sold about 11 so far today, but I’ll be back here tomorrow morning. If you live in Sudbury and have some spare time to help the organization raise funds for the MS Society.


Carnations for Mother’s Day sales to raise funds for the MS Society. 

Carnations for Mother’s Day sales to raise funds for the MS Society. 

FInally by Neil Blake

I blogged about going to the gym a couple of days ago. Well, it took until today to get to the point where my body feels good enough to hit the gym again.

Part of the T2 challenge is diet. I’ve been following a diet suggested meals and I’ve already lost 8 lbs!

The Gym by Neil Blake

I went to The Gym Monday to get setup with a new membership and joined the T2 Challenge. After signing up, I did my first “Combine” class and let me tell you, I can still definitely feel it today! I’m going to do some more stretching tonight before bed and then hit the gym again.

Funeral by Neil Blake

So while living in Vancouver, I was almost completely isolated from funerals for family members who had passed. Now that I am back in Sudbury, the funerals are back in my life.

Hi ne things that’s really nice about funerals is how they bring so many people together, which is real handy when you just moved back to a city you left 20 years ago…

Sunny Day by Neil Blake

We are having a really nice day today here in Sudbury! It’s +12 with gorgeous blue skies. Although skies like this would happen out west, it’s just that the chance of fog or rain was almost always way higher in Vancouver than it is here in central Canada.

As I sit here inside Salute Coffee, I just realized something that I will probably definitely miss… coffee in the sun on the sidewalk. Vancoouver has an amazing coffee scene every where I went!

I’m sure I’ll be able to find something similar here too. I just hope it’s a healthy scene…

Allergies in the snow by Neil Blake

Today is May 1st, which means we are in Spring. Me and Ontario don’t mix well in the spring because of my “hay fever”. Lately my eyes have been itching nonstop and I just realized why! My allergies!

Don’t get me wrong, my allergies would still make things uncomfortable in Vancouver too, but at no where near what they used to be back while was in university.

Today however, I am sitting at Cambrian College at the Tim Hortons having a coffee and Peach juice as I watch the snow fall!

So it is true that I haven’t really been around in the spring for quite some time. This summer though, we shall see, we shall see!


Salute Coffee by Neil Blake

I found it again! One thing that I really miss about Vancouver is it’s cafe and coffee culture. When I left Sudbury back in the day I was just starting to drink coffee at the “coffee shop”. Today though I found Salute Coffee downtown where I ordered a “flat white” which you can see in the photo. I really missed a good coffee like the flat white I am currently enjoying!


Comments by Neil Blake

I’ve had this blog for a good 5 or 6 years now, but only very recently was it pointed out to me that there was no way to comment!

I haven’t figured out how yet, but, I’m working on it.

Passwords by Neil Blake

My mind used to be really good at memorizing stuff and being able to access that memory whenever I needed to. Ever since my seizure a few months ago however, that amazing ability to recall whatever had been committed to memory has pretty much disappeared.

Now don’t get me wrong, my memory is probably mostly damaged by my MS, but things have definitely gotten way worse!

I miss it!

MS Walk by Neil Blake

On May 26th, I will be walking my 6th MS Walk since being diagnosed to raise funds for the MS Society. I you could help me by donating here, I would so appreciate it!