Allergy Season by Neil Blake

I’ve known about my seasonal allergies in the spring for a very long time, but haven’t really had to deal with them much since moving to Vancouver. Don’t get me wrong, I still had them a little bit, enough to definitely know what was going on, but I knew that taking one Claritin in the morning before I left the house that day would definitely make things a lot more bearable. It probably also helped that there was a lot less of the things I’m allergic to in the air.

Unfortunately, I’m back in Sudbury this year where my allergies will most likely zap all my energy and I make me very uncomfortable for a very long time.

Thankfully things haven’t started here yet, but I know it’s coming.

Fewer Feels by Neil Blake

Every day when I wake up early to start my new day, I end up facing the same problems. Even though I feel as though I have made some big changes the day before I invariably end up at the same thought space as I was the day before… that I have to fight so much harder than I ever have for everything.

One area that I have been having a real tough time trying to make sense of has been relationships. Don’t get me wrong, I have some absolutely beautiful female friends who know all about me, it’s just that with the two I’m talking about here, is that I value their friendship so much, that I don’t want to cross any lines and risk losing them.

Argh!!! I’m going for a walk.

Rent by Neil Blake

I recently moved back home to Sudbury from Vancouver, mainly because of my seizure and to get back somewhere that would allow me to save money and pay off debt.

I’ve been here since the end of November and have a o far have managed to make very good progress on my debt repayment plan, but at the cost of moving away from my best friend. Definitely not something to forget is my family that moved out to BC after coming to visit me and then falling in love with the city and the West Coast.

As i usually do while having my morning coffee, I was flipping through Flipboard and saw a very surprising article about the cost of rent across major Canadian cities. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve known that Vancouver rent wasn’t cheap for a very long time, but I thought Vancouver was Canada’s most expensive, but according to this article, Toronto actually is!

This new information has led me to wonder… “Where will I move to when I get my debt paid off and am ready to move back to a much better fit for me and my illness.

Four:Twenty by Neil Blake

Today is the twentieth day of the fourth month of this year, the year 2019. 4:20! So typically, even though I don’t have appointments at 16:20, I still appreciate and take part in my own small, daily observance ritual, which I am going to be celebrating all day today.

A wEek later by Neil Blake

I’ve been trying to post more often and I thought i was doing okay but it’s already been a week since my last post even though I’d written a few drafts but I keep forgetting to save when I’m writing!

I’ve saved this as a draft for now.

Otherwise, things are going fairly well, not too much pain lately, probably because I’ve been moving a lot more than I was when it was -30C, plus the windchill which made it feel like-50C outside!

I miss the ocean breeze!

Spring by Neil Blake

It’s been a while that we were officially in spring but today it is really starting to feel like it!

I love days like this!


Hotel mumbai by Neil Blake

I was at Imagine Cinemas here downtown last night at a new theatre to me and I really liked it! The cinema had an old-school feel to it as you could totally tell that it wasn’t a blockbuster movie type of cinema. The popcorn was yummy and the movie was also a real nice view of what Mumbai is like

One nice thing about the cinema was that it was assigned seating which I absolutely love!

Now this may sound all hoity toity this morning, but I just moved from Vancouver and let me tell you, Mumbai is WAY different than Mumbai. I’ve always wanted to visit Mumbai so this was an awesome view into what living there would be like! It would definitely not work very well for someone who forgets way too much stuff to be able to adequately cope with all the chaos there!

The movie definitely had some beautiful scenes and very emotional, at least for me because of the similarities to my own life these days. I highly recommend it though, an absolutely beautiful movie with a great storyline.

Allergies by Neil Blake

I am sitting inside the house at the moment because it was a little wet outside earlier this morning. Actually, it’s still raining!

I’m watching TV and during the commercials there is an ad for antihistamines.

“Riiiiiiight!”! Allergies! I am definitely not looking forward to that! And, so I’m going to wait to see my doctor, Dr. Boissonault, and asking her if I should mix antihistamines with the meds I am on or not, as I have heard of bad interactions in the past. I’m glad I thought about this before I see her next week.

Grow up! by Neil Blake

Today I am sitting in the living room upstairs by myself waiting for a delivery of my personal cannabis grow operation.

I’ve got seeds, and even though I could have started growing a few days ago, I just wanted to wait to see what exactly what was included as far as growing it!

I’ll update here once it gets here.


Cambrian College by Neil Blake

I had a free coffee from Tim Hortons in my pocket this morning, so I did a search on Google Maps to find that the closest one was just a short 2 km walk away! I’ve been trying to hit my daily 10 000 steps a day goal, so I thought it would be a great way to start the day. I’m also trying to lose a bit of weight, so what beet way to start the day?

Except by going to workout of course!

Plastics in the oCean by Neil Blake

I was just watching a new video about the sea floor as we have for the first time ever been able to take a 4K camera 2000m below the surface to capture the amazing sea floor biosphere!

The first thing you’ll probably get a good idea about is how much life there really is going on down there! Unfortunately, the second thing will probably be the amazing amount of plastic all over the place on the sea floor! Everything from micro plastics to ugly large sheets of it! It was absolutely stunning to see the beginning of what is going on down there because of Man and industry.

It’s so sad to something like that and remember that those plastic bits will be down there a very long time. It makes me feel sick!

Snow by Neil Blake

It is April 2nd today and it is currently snowing outside! This going to make reaching my 10km daily walk a little “nicer”!