Cancer by Neil Blake

   I read a Washington Post article about an amazing new discovery about Cancer. The most incredible and surprising to me part is that the immune system played a crucial role in curing Cancer! 

   As someone who’s immune system occasionally decides to get a little... intense, I am not that surprised by the strength of the immune system of the human body. 

   I am glad to hear that we have found a way to cure cancer while simultaneously learning more about how to control the immune system.

   I look forward to the day where we learn how to control what the immune system thinks is the enemy or could reset those parameters for one’s body.



Why cry? by Neil Blake

    I’ve noticed a few things since I was diagnosed 5 years ago, One of those things I’ve noticed is how much easier it is to make me cry.   For example, when I see a video where people are doing heavyweight emotional deeds for friends and/or family, and the person succeeds, I can’t help but have tears come out. 

Inevitability though, it ends up happening at very inconvenient times.

At lest it’s starting to get a little warmer out, i’t’s -6 here today. LOL

London Fog by Neil Blake

   I went out for a drive with my mom and stepdad this morning to drive my mom to an appointment. After we dropped my mom off, we stopped in at Twiggs Coffee Roasters

   I remember a time when I had just arrived to Vancoouver for the summer while I was going to university here in Sudbury. I was 20 years old  and so ready to work hard and party harder! That meant starting the day off right and to do that, I would go see a friend for them to make me an amazing London Fog. 

   The moment the drink I had just ordered hit my lips I was instantly brought back to Vancouver, in my early 20s drinking a London Fog before working at cafe/restaurant as a “Bus Boy”.

   Damn! I really don’t like being reminded of a much shorter simpler time.  

Not Enough by Neil Blake

   So I’ve been blogging and posting since I was diagnosed back in 2013, and even though I do post fairly regularly but definitely not on the daily and feel  that my posting schedule has been regular but somewhat inconsistent meaning i don’t post every day.  Now, this isn’t my first blog so I’ve watched website traffic before, but I used Blogger at the time, which I feel did quite a bit to boost my posts and therefore attract more traffic. Today however, my site is at Squarespace which does do a little bit to get randoms to want to visit my site, but not as much as I’d like. 

   If anyone out there reading this has any ideas or recommendations to boost it even more that they could share, that would be very much appreciated! Feel free to leave a comment or recommdation in the comments. 

   Thanks in advance as well!  

Polypharmacy by Neil Blake

    I was doing some of my daily reading yesterday morning in Flipboard when I came upon an article with a title of the exact same question i’d Been asking myself, “Are MS Patients Using Too Many Medications?“. In the very first sentence it also introduces a new to me word, “Polypharmacy”,  that I’d never heard before but could totally and instantly relate to for the exact reason that Is also mentioned in the title, my MS. I haven’t quite finished reading it yet, as I wanted to write this and get it posted as soon as I could to hopefully start building a bit more of an audience, but am definitely going back to finish reading it.

Happy St. Patty's Day! by Neil Blake

St. Patricky’s Day, or as I prefeer, St. Paddy’s Day. I was just thinking of some past St. Patty’s Days I’ve had over the years. Now that I have health issues to think about these days, I’m still going to go out and grab at least one green beer!

Passwords by Neil Blake

I remember er a time where I could remember almost any number or passworld without really having to work too hard to remeber them all. Since my MS that has totally changed. Now I have a haard time what I posted about last on my blog.

Because of it, my memoey just isn’t the same. Now I end up in situations where I forgot my “base” passwords like today. I’m stuck without access to one of my most used and essential accoutnts. I try to reset my passwords, but that tkes time after you’ve tried to many times like i Have.

Spring! by Neil Blake

   Even though it isn’t technically spring yet and the fact that I did hear snow and some subzero temperatures in the forecast this morning, it’s been above seasonal for the past week. This has meant that the monster snow banks and the snow on all the lawns has started melting and it’s melting fast! Unfortunately, after the very near record snowfall in Sudbury this year, has meant some very rough strets full of massive and very deep pot holes. Typical Sudbury from what I remember about the city from 15-20 years ago when I was going to university.

   LOL! WOW!  Now as I look out the window in front of me while writing this I see huge snow flakes falling from the sky.


Yesterday’s Safe Space on CKLU by Neil Blake

   Yesterday’s episode of Safe Space was really fun and I really enjoyed the conversation that we had. I thought i had an MP3 of the show but just noticed what I thought was a link tie the audio was just a link to the show’s episode announcement. Hopefully I can get a hold of one and share it with you here. 

   Stay turned! 

Safe Space on CKLU by Neil Blake

I recently ran into an old friend who’d heard about me becoming an artis after being diagnosed with MS in 2013. I told him about my journey so far and that was when I was asked to be interviewed by him for his show on CKLU at 1pm EDT tomorrow.

So, if you’re intersted in listening to it LIVE tomorrow on the radio, tune into Safe Space on CKLU 96.7 FM at 13:00 EDT.

I can’t wait!

Snowing Again! by Neil Blake

I love watching the snow fall when I comes down heavy like it has been all year this winter in Sudbury. We’v already had over 304cm of snow this year, which has meant a ton of snow this winter and it’s snowing again this morning. Now, I mentioned how I loved to watch it fall, but that’s a lot easier to do when you’re not going to have to shovel it all away from walkways, the driveway etc...

Oh well, welcome back to Ontario Neil!

Another day, another bit of snow to shovel. 


Heart Burn by Neil Blake

   When I was younger, I would see ads on TV or hear them on the radio, I’d hear commercials all the time. The ones I never understood until last night when I had it for the second day in a row was heartburn. Yikes that sure wasn’t fun!

   Not fun for an otherwise completely normal day in the sun! Does anybody have any anti-heartburn “pro” tips about how to avoid it so it doesn’t happen again?